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Brian G. McKee, D.M.A.

Bassoonist | Teacher | Academic Counselor | Ensemble Performer | Recitals | Reed Making | Freelance Music Consulting



Keeping Up Practicing in the 'Real World'

Posted by Brian G. McKee on 2 June, 2014 at 18:40

Now that school is done for now and I'm all graduated, this blog post by saxophonist and fellow UO graduate Kate Haller is extremely relevant for me. As a muscian who majored in performance in college and graduate school, Kate talks about keeping up on practicing while holding down a job not necessarily related to your instrument or field of study. The practice incentive game might be my favorite...I may have to start doing this! These are great suggestions, and she welcomes suggestions from others as well. 

Going to concerts, taking lessons from others you may not not have known before, and finding a group to play with are what does it for me. Also, even in the musically not-so-busiest of times, turning on my favorite piece of music or playlist every once in awhile will keep the inspiration going. If you have a duo partner, trio, quartet, or quintet, suggest a few pieces to sight read, just for fun! 

Read Kate's original post here. Enjoy!

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